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Tax appeals
January 15th, 2019 6:29 PM
Many home owners are overpaying for real estate taxes and do not even realize it. The town or city in which they live is over valuing homes thus the home owners are over paying in real estate taxes. The State of Connecticut requires that towns and cities do a revaluation every 5 years. The date of valuation is October 1. Every town is different as to when its five year term begins and ends. An over valuation of just $14,000 can result in an over payment of $300-$400 per year. Over the five years between revaluation that is $1500-$2000. What if there is a $50,000 over valuation? I did several tax appeals last year were the over valuation was in excess of $100,000.

So how does a home owner appeal the valuation of their property? Glad us asked. The appeal process is that same from town to town but the timing is slightly different. First call the town assessor for an appeal form and ask when the appeal must be filed by. The appeals are usually done between February and April. Step two call Complete Appraisal LLC to speak about how we can help you through the appeal process, Step three SAVE SOME $$$$$$. 

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